Old Meets New

Today, the Dominion House is an events center, hotel and restaurant equipped for the 21st century.  It is a beacon of old-world architecture and elegance. In 1923, this property was built to impress. Having now witnessed almost a century, the Dominion House stands to impress once again, like never before.

Before it was a House, it was a Home

Before the Dominion House became what we know today, it was the Masonic Children’s Home – one of the largest children’s facilities in Oklahoma at the time. The Masonic Children’s Home designed by architects Hawk and Parr and constructed by Campbell and Price. It’s an example of a classical Revival design.

Read a few memories of children who stayed at the home below. Excerpts are from the Memories book from the Oklahoma Lodge of Research published in 1995:

Pauline Phelps Lentz

“The home produced many outstanding students that went on to college, the opportunity was there for each of us, if we desired. Our graduates became lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, secretaries, business degrees, etc. When we are together for our reunions, no one can tell who the talented ones are because we all look like very special people. We enjoyed one of the finest indoor swimming pools in the state.”

“Our gymnasium, with its beautiful floor was later turned into a skating rink. We all had skates. So you see, we really were not the under privileged of the community, we look back and see that we were the privileged.”

Margaret Sargent Ross

“I remember so many things – but most of all I remember that I had the biggest and the best family anyone could every have and the best part of all is – I STILL HAVE THAT FAMILY.”

Hester Stringer Burke 

“Looking back today, the years I lived in the Masonic Home were very happy ones and full of learning.”  

Vonia Robertson Gough

“That February day in 1930, when I arrived at the mansion and got to know my hundred and thirty or forty new brothers and sisters, my “extended family was born.  We all had plenty to eat, nice clothes, and caring people to look after us.  A beautiful home to live in with a swimming pool and well equipped play grounds, a library full of books for just reading or to use for school research needs, our every need was met.”

The Early Days at Dominion House